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Thursday, December 31, 2009

jap td baru abis countdown utk masuk new year..
x rasa pape pun...
tetiap thn cam sama je..
xde nye nk membina azam baru..
nway.. i'm juz want to wish HaPpY biRtHdaY to my BeLovEd mum..

she's turn 50 this year..
but still dont have son-in-law...kah kah kah...
her eldest daughter still want to be single...wakaka
so mum..
hope u love me more than last year..
hope u r enjoy being a mother to a cute crazy daughter.
hope u r always in a healthy condition..
i want u to know that i'm alwayz love u more than i love myself...
ija saaaaayannngg mak!

Happy new year to all...


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